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Colorado Real Estate Journal – Aspen Construction & Vacation Rental Permit Moratoriums

The Aspen City Council made extraordinary changes to Aspen’s real estate development regime at the end of 2021. Aspen City Council held a special meeting Dec. 8 for the second reading of proposed Ordinance No. 27, Series of 2021, which was unanimously approved. With its passage, Ordinance No. 27 placed a moratorium on new land use applications, new residential development and the issuance of new vacation rental permits, which became effective on passage, and was originally set to expire on June 8. Due to a procedural error, a revised ordinance, Ordinance No. 6, Series 2022, was passed unanimously in March, which mirrored the contents of Ordinance No. 27. Aspen City Council approved a two-month extension of the moratorium in May pursuant to Ordinance No. 8, Series 2022.

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