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What the Results of the 2018 General Election Mean for Real Estate in Colorado

Colorado voters’ rejection of constitutional and statutory proposals involving regulatory takings, transportation funding, and setbacks for oil and gas wells will affect Colorado real estate in a myriad of ways. Most notably (or perhaps not at all), the law regarding these topics, for better and for worse, will remain the same. Here is a brief recap of a few statewide proposals, and what their rejection means for real estate development.
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Blueprint Denver 2.0: R.I.P. Areas of Stability

Denver released a public draft of a new Blueprint Denver on August 6. This marks the first wholesale revision to the citywide land use and transportation plan since the city adopted the first Blueprint Denver in 2002. The new Blueprint contains a serious (and for some, a welcome) departure from the first version of the... Continue Reading...

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Regulatory, best practices, and other First Amendment news.

New Jersey Prohibition On “BYOB” Advertising Found Unconstitutional

Last month, a federal court ruled that New Jersey’s prohibition on “BYOB” advertising—that is, advertising by drinking and entertainment establishments allowing patrons to bring their own alcoholic beverages—violated the First Amendment.  As a result of the court’s ruling, Garden State restaurants will now be allowed to post advertisements encouraging their patrons to bring their own... Continue Reading...

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