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Colorado Court of Appeals Limits Special Districts' Authority to Use Eminent Domain to Achieve Developers' Purposes

Virtually anyone engaged in land development will at some point encounter the holdout—the landowner from whom the developer needs a right-of-way or easement, and who names an extraordinary price or just won’t sell. For private assemblers in particular, this type of encounter often proves problematic. Unlike government entities that enjoy condemnation authority, those private parties cannot compel land transfers.
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Boulder County Municipalities Look to Double Affordable Housing Linkage Fees

We’ll start in Boulder and with commercial development. In February, the Boulder City Council directed city staff to draft an ordinance that would raise the city’s affordable housing linkage fee on new commercial development from $12 per square foot to $25, $30, or $35 per square foot.  Boulder’s current $12 linkage fee is the highest... Continue Reading...

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Regulatory, best practices, and other First Amendment news.

Summary Judgment Granted to Christian Evangelist in Syracuse Pride Parade Case

In a case that we reported on in 2016, a federal district court in New York has granted summary judgment to the plaintiff.  The case involves the regulation of protest speech—specifically, a protester’s activities during an LGBTQ rights parade—on public sidewalks. A brief recap of the facts is merited.  James Deferio is a Christian evangelist... Continue Reading...

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