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Amendment 74: A Serious Danger to the Colorado Economy

This November, Colorado voters will face several (some will say, too many) ballot measures. One of these measures, Amendment 74, proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to require that owners receive “just compensation” when their property is “reduced in fair market value by government law or regulation.” While Otten Johnson strongly supports our clients’ property rights—and we routinely assist clients in cases involving takings, eminent domain, and related land use matters—we firmly believe that Amendment 74 is poorly conceived and drafted. It will hamstring local governments, thwart meritorious legislation, and prompt excessive litigation. Amendment 74 presents a serious danger to Colorado’s economic future, and we encourage our clients and friends to oppose it.
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Blueprint Denver 2.0: R.I.P. Areas of Stability

Denver released a public draft of a new Blueprint Denver on August 6. This marks the first wholesale revision to the citywide land use and transportation plan since the city adopted the first Blueprint Denver in 2002. The new Blueprint contains a serious (and for some, a welcome) departure from the first version of the... Continue Reading...

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Arkansas Abortion Protesters Lose Appeal in Vagueness, Overbreadth, and Prior Restraint Case

Two men were arrested for disorderly conduct in an anti-abortion demonstration in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In addition to bringing a Fourth Amendment claim against the Little Rock Police Department, the men challenged the Arkansas disorderly conduct statute and the city’s permit requirement as violations of their free speech rights under the First Amendment.  A federal... Continue Reading...

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