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Misrepresentation of Service Animals is Now Illegal in Colorado: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Sorry, Fluffy. Under Colorado law, unless you qualify as a service dog, you aren’t permitted to dine with your doting owner in the chichi café down the street. And while we know you’re one very obedient, sweet, and cuddly-wuddly widdle doggie, your owner might face criminal penalties if he intentionally misrepresents you as a service animal. Indeed, certain Colorado dog lovers appear to have crossed the line when it comes to their non-service dog companions.
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Boulder Extends Building Height Moratorium by 15 Months

This past Tuesday evening, Boulder City Council voted 8-1 to extend the city’s existing moratorium barring the city from considering property owner requests to exceed the city’s building height ordinance. One of my prior posts summarizes Boulder’s building height restriction regime and the existing moratorium. The existing moratorium was set to expire on April 19, 2017; Tuesday’s […]

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Massachusetts Court Strikes Down Local Adult Business Regulations

Last week, a federal district court in Massachusetts accepted a nude dancing establishment’s argument that the City of Chelsea violated the First Amendment in denying a building permit for renovations to the business’s premises.  In so doing, the court struck down the city’s adult business zoning regulations and directed the city to treat the establishment […]

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