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Land Use and First Amendment Book Edited by Brian Connolly, Published by ABA

Denver, Colorado – Otten Johnson is pleased to announce the publication of a new book, “Local Government, Land Use, and the First Amendment: Protecting Free Speech and Expression.”  The book is published by ABA Publishing, and was edited by the editor of Rocky Mountain Sign Law, Otten Johnson attorney Brian J. Connolly. Twelve authors contributed to the book, which contains chapters on everything from signs, religious land uses, adult businesses, the public forum doctrine, and government speech. Tom Macdonald, a director at the firm, also authored a chapter in the book.

More about the new book is available from ABA:

“This book is a re-mastered, retooled version of the ABA publication “Protecting Free Speech and Expression: The First Amendment and Land Use Law” which was published by the ABA. The book contains some theoretical discussion of First Amendment law as it pertains to land use issues (e.g. sign and billboard regulation, regulation of artwork and aesthetics, regulation of religious land uses, regulation of adult businesses, etc.), but also provides information which will be relevant to practitioners, and will include some regulatory strategies and case studies. In order to strategically illustrate their points, the authors included cases as source material.”

The book is available for purchase from the ABA and will also be available on Amazon.

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