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Introducing the Anti-Defamation League Summer Associate Research Program

Otten Johnson was one of the first of eleven Denver law firms to commit to participating in a program for summer associates introduced this year by the Mountain States regional office of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL is one of the nation's premier civil rights agencies that fights all forms of bigotry and protects civil rights for all. The goals of the Summer Associate Research Program are to provide the ADL with cutting-edge legal research on civil rights issues and to expose summer associates to the importance of pro bono work and community involvement. The ADL offices in several other U.S. cities have offered this program with great success, and Otten Johnson is proud to be involved in the program's inaugural summer in Denver.

The way the program works is the ADL asks participating law firms to contribute summer associate time on a pro bono basis for the research and preparation of memoranda on topics that are based on the ADL's current actual needs. This summer, Otten Johnson received four research topics from the ADL – one topic for each of our four summer associates. The topics are timely and interesting and cover a range of issues such as separation of church and state, freedom of expression and religious accommodation by public schools.

Attorneys Tom Macdonald, Randy Alt and Amanda Smith are contributing time to supervise the summer associates on these assignments. Amanda also served on the ADL Mountain States Region planning committee for the program.

Click on the following link for more information. ADL Summer Associate Research Program.