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Charter Schools

Charter school finance and construction is a specialized area in which Otten Johnson has unique expertise. Our real estate finance group represents leading financial institutions in acquisition, development, construction, and permanent financings for charter schools around the country.  We understand the particular and important issues involved in financing charter schools and have extensive experience designing financing solutions on behalf of lending clients to meet their goals.

Representative Services

  • Commercial and real estate secured loans
  • Secured, revolving and non-revolving lines of credit
  • Deeds of trust and other securitized instruments
  • Letters of credit
  • Project finance
  • Construction loans
  • Permanent Loans
  • Refinancing and loan assumptions
  • Participation, co-lender and intercreditor agreements
  • Lending regulatory compliance

Industry Highlight


Otten Johnson’s attorneys have experience providing real estate services to a variety of companies in the telecommunications industry.

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