Name (Last, First) Position/Title Phone Email vCard
Baker, Heather Director of Marketing and Business Development 303.575.7551 vcard
Boyer, Sandra Secretary 303.575.7553 vcard
Brown, Margo Secretary 303.575.7579 vcard
Cabazos, Johnny Records Coordinator 303 575 7583 vcard
Crocker, Correen Secretary 303.575.7541 vcard
Dunahay, Karen Secretary 303.575.7586 vcard
Gardelli, Cathy Secretary 303.575.7571 vcard
Giebel, Diana Assistant Administrator and Recruiting Coordinator 303.575.7560 vcard
Harrell, Yvette Secretary 303.575.7568 vcard
Haussler, Nathan Records Clerk 303.575.7594 vcard
Heasler, Lindie Word Processor 303.575.7516 vcard
Howell, Charles Supervisor - General Services Department 303.575.7582 vcard
Jones, Barbara Secretary 303.575.7558 vcard
Keimowitz, Stephanie Library and Records Coordinator 303.575.7544 vcard
Maehrlein, Gitta Secretary 303.575.7564 vcard
Marinelli, Marie Secretary 303.575.7533 vcard
Maynard, Michelle Director of Administration 303-575-7584 vcard
Oller, Daniel General Services 303.575.7599 vcard
Phillips, Kimberly Controller 303.575.7585 vcard
Pierce, Tristan System Administrator 303.575.7538 vcard
Taylor, Jan Billing and A/R Administrator 303.575.7591 vcard
Turmes, Irene A/P and Payroll Administrator 303.575.7561 vcard
Young, Cedrica Receptionist 303-825-8400 vcard